A Page of Punks for VLVS!

Hello today I'm here with you to share a very colourful art journal spread I have created using the fabulous red rubber from VLVS!

 I really let my hair down with this one. Colour was my inspiration .... can you tell?

 I featured some of the punk style VLVS! stamps .... they are honestly some of my favourites!

 I decided that "Born To Be Wild" was the perfect sentiment for this page. I think we should all aim to be a little bit wild every now and then.

Viva Las Vegastamps! used:

13Arts April Challenge

Welcome to the 13Arts April challenge.

 I loved the colours on this moodboard so I focused on adding these to my piece.

I also loved the earthy feel of the board so I used a brown paper bag and some of the "Alice in CandlLand" papers that coordinated with a more earthy look. 

It took me about an hour to get my flippin sewing machine going but it was worth it in the end!

13@rts products used:

I hope you are inspired by the moodboard to pop on over to the 13Arts blog and give the challenge a go xxx

A Little Garden for VLVS!

Hello my creative peeps. I'm here with you today to share an art journal page I have made using the fabo Viva Las Vegastamps!!!

My background is all gel printed. I printed directly into my art journal. A little bit challenging but definitely worth the effort!

 I stamped once it was dry with basic black ink so the images would stand out against the busy gel printed background.

 I just love the "Doodle Flower" stamp and so I emulated it by painting in some extra flowers to make a very colourful garden on my page.

Viva Las Vegastamps! used include:
Writing Chevron

Lots of colour in this one .... A feast for your eyes. Thanks for popping by. I'll see you all again very soon xx

"You Have To Believe" A Layout for 7 Dots Studio

Hello there! Today I'm here to share a layout I have created using the versatile "Paint Chips" collection from 7 Dots Studio.

What I love most about this collection is it's diversity. On one side the colours are vibrant and exciting and on the other side they are natural and earthy which makes this collection one of the most versatile I have ever used.

I have combined a couple of the more neutral sides of two of the papers in the collection and highlighted with the slightest green embellishments from the Die Cut Elements.

I love how this collection can be all colour and fun or it can be so much more subtle and earthy but still with an element of artsy because of the geometric designs and the arty paint splats.

I've added my own little twist with some additional black ink splats and a small amount of scribble to create that "artsy" look in my piece.

7 Dots Studio Products:

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my creation. I'll see you all again very soon xx

Butterfly Love With VLVS!

Hello! I'm here with you today to share an art journal page I have created with the amazing red rubber from VLVS!!!

 I had lots of water colour fun in the background with this one. I love the unpredictability of using water colours. They just do whatever they please ..... no point trying to control the outcome. Once I got the hang of that rule ... I then began to love using water colours in my work.

 They can be a little bit difficult to stamp onto though as they often warp the paper and make it difficult to get a clear image. So I do a little double stamping technique that I'll show you in my next VLVS! tutorial video.

I didn't over use the stamps with this page. I was looking at creating a simplistic effect. A lot of my journalling now days has got really busy and full of doodles and mark making so for this one, I wanted to pull it all back a wee bit.

 There is still some mark making but it's very tame in comparison to what I normally would do and it is with water soluble markers so it would blend in seamlessly with the background.

Viva Las Vegastamps! used:

I hope you like my little creation and I'll be back again very soon with some more creaty arty farty stuff xx

7 Dots Studio March Challenge

Hello peeps!! I'm here again to share an art journal page I have created for the 7 Dots Studio March Challenge.

I took my inspiration from the flower on the moodboard and the colours. Here is the mood board.

These colours together are some of my favourites so it was easy to create using this as inspiration.

I still need to practice my flowers, this one is a bit wonky, but over all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I found the perfect word stickers to create a quote with from the "Hazy Days" collection. I also use some of the 12x12 paper "Gelly" to cover the background.

Pop on over to the facebook page and check out the challenge. There are some awesome prozes up for grabs and you have all month to enter. Can't wait to see what you create.


"Let's Face It" Art Journal for VLVS!

Hello today I'm with you to share a little art journal spread I created using some of Mary Vogal Lozinak's amazing stamp range over at Viva Las Vegastamps!

I have to say, I wasn't "in love" with this page until almost at the very end. It took a long time to come together. Maybe because I'm so used to creating with lots of bright colour and this time it was a lot more darker with the black I added to the top corners.

 I also struggled with liking my abstract faces I drew. I wanted to practice them, I see everyone really good at drawing faces and I know I suck at it so I thought maybe if I do them really abstract that would appease my inner critic ..... but alas, I'm not convinced I like them LOL

I do really like the stamped faces on this page. They are not stamped very clearly but that doesn't really phase me. I enjoyed highlighting them with my white marker to bring out their inner beauty.

I'll continue to practice my face drawing and maybe one day I'll be as good at it as Mary is .... cough cough I doubt it. the lady is a genius!!!

What I really like about this page is the message in the title "Let's Face it, We're all the same" I truly believe in equality and am very passionate about it so this works for me. I don't often get political in my art but for this page, I'm willing to make an exception

Viva Las Vegastamps used:

I hope you've enjoyed my facey page. I think the more I look at it the more it grows on me. I'll catch you all again soon xx


Hello there. I'm here with you today to share my very first Face Book Live session!!!. On Sunday morning evening at about 8.00pm South Australian time I clicked the live button and created an art journal page. I had so much fun and the crowd who gathered were fabulous!

You can find the recorded version of the video here on the 13 Arts Face Book page. It goes for an hour so make yourself a hot cuppa and sit back and enjoy.

"Do Everything With Happiness"

HERE is a direct link to the video.

and here is the link of WHERE TO BUY the awesome 13Arts products all around the world.

13 Arts Products used:

Thank you for popping by and a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me during the live session. I'll definitely be doing it again soon xx

A Journal Page for 7 Dots Studio "Listen To Your Art"

Hello! I'm here with you today to share a very colourful art journal page I have created inspired by the "Paint Chips" collection from 7 Dots Studio.

"Listen To Your Art"

I just love colour and I use as much of it in my art as I can possibly use. So when 7 Dots Studio released the latest "Paint Chips" collection I squealed with delight at all the colourful possibilities it could bring to my art.

After a gel press printing session I gathered up all my printed pieces of paper and started adding them to my page. I added ripped pieces of the 12x12 paper from the collection along with some of the die-cut elements.

I also added the PERFECT title "Listen to Your Art" which I found on the 6x12 Word Sticker Sheet included in this collection.

Finally I wanted to give it all a hit of black contrast and so I painted up some of the chipboard splat pieces and added them to the very top layer.

I love it! Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. I hope it has the same effect on you.

7 Dots products:

7 Dots Studio - Paint Chips Collection - Chipboard

Thank you for popping by. I'll see you all again very soon xx